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A glider ride

Your pilot, Dave Miramant, has over 16,000 flight hours. He has been introducing folks to aviation for over 30 years. Isn’t it your turn?

 Dave's experience includes airline captain,flight instructor, paraglider and hang glider pilot and ultralight test pilot.

”I have never been in a glider in my life. Flown...yes. But, the sensation of being as free as a bird is REALLY flying!     It was one of those clear, crisp days in Maine. We took off and climbed until we reached the magic height to soar. .swooping and turning high above Owls Head. I was offered the controls and gave it a try, what a thrill! I actually flew! My heart was beating fast and I was yelling like a kid on a roller coaster. Wow! Thanks Dave. I will remember that day and look forward to the next time I can soar with the eagles!  (you and the birds) .“                 Hank L.        Camden, ME


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